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Written and Designed by Diane Meier Delaney
Illustrated by Donna Mehalko
Photography by Ken Skalski
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About The Author: Diane Meier Delaney

Twenty-five years ago, and still in her twenties, Diane Meier opened her marketing agency, MEIER, in New York City. Since then, her work on behalf of a roster of exclusive clients has won her shop every prize in the advertising and marketing industries for strategy, copywriting, graphics and design. Their campaigns and designs have been published in graphic and marketing magazines and books all over the world.

Her wingspan has stretched across fashion, jewelry and cosmetics, luxury products and gourmet foods, home design and media, with clients such as: Kohler, Sunworthy, Orrefors, Kosta Boda, Esquire Magazine, Pierre Balmain, DeBeers, Elizabeth Arden, Neiman Marcus and Maximilian Furs, among many others.

The MEIER success came from cannily interpreting the consumer marketplace and positioning (or re-positioning) her clients toward its trends in fully integrated programs of strategically tiered positioning platforms. Whether launching a direct mail catalog that grew into a $70m company; or branding packaging and advertising a small foreign textile company into national recognition; or gathering more than a dozen disparate wallpaper companies into one billion dollar brand; the agency's thinking was always directed toward specific and identified end-users. Her ability to bring these target consumers into focus and deliver a message telegraphed just for them is seen by many of her clients as her true strength.

Known for award winning creative as much as for strategy, Diane conceived, researched, wrote and designed The New American Wedding.

The New American Wedding draws together all of Diane Meier Delaney's talents, skills and knowledge, in a perfectly aimed pitch at a marketplace as yet unacknowledged by media and retail.

The book is made vital by its mix of iconoclastic, stylish and practical thinking, produced in vigorous writing and outstanding design.

Diane Meier and her husband, writer and broadcaster Frank Delaney, live in NYC and Northwest CT. The website address of MEIER is:

There are two photos of the author that you may use for publication. Provided here are both print and web versions of those images.

Credit must be given to the photographer, Jerry Bauer.

Photo of Diane Meier Delaney, Author of The New American Wedding

Photo by Jerry Bauer
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Photo of Diane Meier Delaney, Author of The New American Wedding

Photo by Jerry Bauer
Web Version
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